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1499 Post Alley


Market Ghost Tours are 74 minute walking tours in the Pike Place Market. "One of Seattle's best and weirdest tourist attractions" seattle pi



The Market Ghost Tour has been written about and showcased in numerous articles. 

"Do try Ghost Alley Espresso and Market Ghost Tours. Mercedes converted a 147-square-foot closet into this snug caffeine haven and tour-guide headquarters. Besides spooky stuff, her tours feature plenty of legit history." LA Times

"Lauded by and the Seattle PIMarket Ghost Tour was created by Mercedes Yaeger. Her father, Michael, was one of several people who told ghost stories on Halloween night in the Market. She grew up hearing all of the ghost stories. She started building the the Market Ghost Tour in 2004, one of the original ghost tours in the USA. Both a historical tour and a ghost tour, you will be entertained even if you are not a “believer”. - CBS

"The area around the famous Pike Place Market isn’t only a great place to shop. It is also home to Seattle’s first mortuary, an old brothel and a graveyard. Take this tour and hear about the ghost of Chief Seattle’s daughter Angeline, who haunts the Market building. Learn about the Market Theater, where you can still hear the laughter of ghost orphans. Have lunch at Kell’s Irish Bar, said to be the most haunted pub in America." Top Ten Ghost Tours in the US, Home Away

"Pike Place Market is one of Seattle's biggest tourist destinations, but when you're done watching the salmon tossing and trying the Chuckar Cherries, explore the spookier side of the site on the Market Ghost Tour." 7 Best Ghost Tours around the World,