Private tours go inside a former mortuary that is not accessible to the public. A more in depth experience for the paranormal enthusiast; we gather in an area that has been featured on numerous television shows. You will be introduced to basic paranormal investigating tools and are encouraged to bring your cameras and audio recorders.

Despite the unusual access we receive it is important to note that the mortuary is not abandoned and there is an Irish Pub in the building. While we will gather in the darkness there will be the sound of an Irish fiddle or a soccer game in the distance. Don't expect a full investigation. Mercedes and the guides have participated in paranormal investigations of the building and have had personal experiences with phenomena in the space. Each tour guide works with the people present when giving this tour. 

The building was featured on Ghost Adventures. In their program they spent a great deal of time talking about a "corrupt mortician" We will be sharing with you the true history of the building. The dealings on the streets of Seattle were definitely full of corruption, disease, and graft. As for what happened in the building, we do not believe their conclusion was entirely correct. You will be able to draw your own conclusions.

More information : Private tours are $120 minimum or 6 tickets at $20 - up to 16 people. To schedule call Mercedes on her cell 206-322-1218.