I don’t believe in ghosts, is the ghost tour appropriate for me? Of course, it is a historical tour and a ghost tour. You will be entertained even if you are not a “believer”. 

Children? Children love the tour however on the later tours the subject matters can be a little confusing and frightening. Accompanied children six and under do not need a ticket and are free to attend the tour. We recommend that you bring your children to the 5:00 PM tours.

Can I bring my dog? Yes! Well behaved dogs are welcome to attend the tour. Our tour guides reserve the right to ask you to leave if your companion is a problem, that goes for humans as well

Can I take pictures on the tours? Yes! The Market at night is very beautiful on its own and worth bringing a camera for. During the day, the displays, vegetables and people are perfect for photography. We do not allow video recordings of the tours.

Do you go inside haunted locations? The entire Pike Place Market IS the haunted location. The Market is a nine acre district bordered by cobblestone streets. You will be in the Market the entire time. If you are interested in ghost hunting we recommend that you go on our Mortuary Tour (offered May-October).

Rain or Shine? We conduct the tour in all weather. We have personal umbrellas in the shop for your use when it is raining. 

Can you guarantee that I will see a ghost on the ghost tour? This question is based on your own beliefs. Ghosts do not appear on command. This is a walking tour about the ghosts of Pike Place and the history of Seattle. 

How are your tours different from others in the area? The answer to this is in who has built the business. Mercedes, the owner, has worked in various capacities in the Market and knows it inside out. It is her background and passion about the community that directs the tours. As for ghost tours specifically, we are different. We do not impose our own beliefs on our audience. We do not purposely try to scare you or fabricate stories for shock value. We value our customers, our staff  & our product = we do not run discount deals on sites like living social and groupon routinely. 

Where are you? You can view a map and directions to our espresso shop, where all the tours begin, HERE. If you are already familiar with Pike Place Market, the easiest answer is : before the Gum Wall.

Refund policy? Imagine a theater show that you have bought tickets to - with limited seats - and you don't show. Would you ask for a refund? No. It's the same with a tour. Our staffing and expenses are based on attendance. There are no refunds. If you have purchased online tickets in advance & you need to change your tour date, time, or name on the tickets you may contact us at least 24 hours before your tour to do so. You can not make changes on the day of your scheduled tour or after your scheduled tour.