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1499 Post Alley


Market Ghost Tours are 74 minute walking tours in the Pike Place Market. "One of Seattle's best and weirdest tourist attractions" seattle pi



Since 2003 the Market Ghost Tour has been a part of Pike Place Market. Thank you for your attendance and support over these years. The tours are currently closed. 

Tour with Mercedes in 2010. 

Tour with Mercedes in 2010. 

Market Ghost Stories
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The Market Ghost Tours, the brain child of Mercedes Yaeger and based on the experiences of many Market shop owners and community members, is coming to the end of this incarnation on June 13, 2016 in Pike Place Market, Seattle. In 2002, Mercedes Yaeger gave her first ghost tour with her father, the Mayor of Pike Place Market, Michael Yaeger. On that Halloween night they wove stories together effortlessly. The next year she enlisted the help of Market artist and puppet maker, Rob D'Arc and together they gave tours through October. 

Within the next three years Mercedes began heavily researching the ghost stories and crafting them into a formal year round business. Her experience as a film archivist with PBS lent itself well to the research. She spent hours going through former leases, health department records and archives in the libraries around Seattle. By 2010, when ghost hunting became popular on television, she aligned herself with TV personalities and paranormal researchers to delve even further into the stories. Mercedes always maintained a simple mission; to connect people with the individuals that have impacted the Market's growth. Her development of the company led to relationships with descendants of the people she was researching, to speaking engagements about the history of the Market, and to writing a book about the subject. Her book, Seattle's Market Ghost Stories, received a Literary Lion Award in 2011 from the King County Library System. Her volunteer work along side Gregg Olsen (author of Starvation Heights) and WSPIR Paranormal helped raise over $30,000 for the Kitsap Library System in 2011. In preserving and researching the stories of the Pike Place Market she has always hoped to inspire people to see not only the Market, but their own neighborhoods and cities, in a new way. 

The Market Ghost Tours are survived by Ghost Alley Espresso, the espresso shop Mercedes opened in 2012. The tours will forever be cherished in the lives of those that have been on the tour or heard the stories. The stories have been told by gifted tour guides over the last fourteen years including; Heather Chermak, Jim Pallotta, Chuck Russell Coons, Penny Truitt, Kook Teflon, Michelle Lindberg, Jessica Ness and others.